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The UCSD LGBT Resource Center is committed to the education and research mission of the University of California, San Diego. Our in-house library (the Rainbow Lending Library) is one of the many ways we support these goals. We have over 2,100 books, films, and journals in the library. The Rainbow Lending Library has a wide breadth and depth of information. Please take a look at our online catalog.

The McWhirter and Mattison Collection at the UC San Diego LGBT Resource Center

The UC San Diego LGBT Resource Center is proud to host over 1,000 volumes of the research and personal collection of books from the late Drs. David McWhirter & Drew Mattison.  The collection, spanning 30 years, was presented to the UCSD LGBT Resource Center in 2002.   The Male Couple is the book for which they were most renowned, an in-depth study evaluating the quality and stability of long-term intimate male relationships. David McWhirter and Drew Mattison were unique at the time of publishing The Male Couple, as they themselves were a male couple and had been together for many years. Prior to that time, most writing and research regarding the LGBT community had been done from those outside the community looking in. The book paved the way for numerous LGBT researchers and authors to provide a deeper, more intimate analysis of the lives of many in our community.

David McWhirter and Drew Mattison were great friends of the UC San Diego LGBT Resource Center. Both authors held clinical faculty appointments at the School of Medicine at the University of California at San Diego. The McWhirter/Mattison collection is available for review only and is not released from the facility unless there is a documented research interest. The titles of the entire collection are available online in a PDF listing. Only a selection is presented for visual browsing at the Center facility. For more information, please contact our Programs & Operations Coordinator Korie Houston.