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LGBTQIA+ Study Abroad Resources

The LGBT Resource Center recognizes that members of the LGBTQIA+ community and our allies may be particularly interested in studying abroad and, at the same time, may have specific concerns regarding their identity as they begin to consider international travel. The information provided via the following link is designed to answer some basic questions and address introductory concerns about these issues. We are proud to partner with the Division of Global Education to continue to develop relationships between the two areas to encourage our students to study abroad.

From the Programs Abroad website: “Transgender students are valued members of the University of California, San Diego communities. While studying abroad at other campuses, the values and cultures regarding transgender students may not be the same as at UC San Diego. In order to provide support for the needs of incoming and current transgender students currently or planning to study abroad, we strongly encourage students to contact Study Abroad Coordinators Andra Jacques or Luis Legaspi at 858-534-1123.