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Useful Pages

Rainbow Newsletter

A link to the pdf of every issue of the LGBT Resource Center's Rainbow Newsletter from the spring of 2008 to the present.

Rainbow Newsletter Contribution Eform

Contribute to the newsletter via this online form.


Information on LGBTQIA+ undergraduate scholarships.

Resident Life Resources

Resources for LGBTQIA+ students living on campus.

Transgender Health

Health resources for transgender students.

Gender Inclusive Restrooms On Campus

External link listing the locations of gender-neutral restrooms on campus.

LGBT On-campus Housing

Resources regarding housing for LGBTQIA+ students.

Study Abroad Resources

Study abroad resources for students in the LGBTQIA+ community.

LGBT Resources in San Diego

A list of resources for LGBTQIA+ people located throughout San Diego.

National LGBT Resources

A list of resources for LGBTQIA+ people located throughout America.

Chancellor's Advisory
Committee on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Issues (CAC GISOI)

Information on a standing committee that advises the Chancellor on issues that affect UC San Diego's LGBTQIA+ community.