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Out and Proud Series

The Out and Proud Series presents the largest opportunity for community visibility on the UC San Diego campus. It is a time for reflection on the achievements of LGBTQIA+ identified students, staff, faculty, and our allies. It is also a time for public awareness and discussion of current LGBTQIA+ issues on the state and national levels.

While historically this celebration has been called Out and Proud Week, experiences of Pride movements and narratives of coming out need critical examination. Not everyone is out nor wants or needs to be. Coming out is not a single action, but a continuous process that often needs to take place multiple times throughout a person’s life. It is also different around sexuality, romantic attraction, gender identities and expressions, and for many coming out and expressions of pride may not be safe. We appreciatively challenge what being Out and Proud means and honor the diversity within our community.


The Road to Intersectional Feminism
Hosted by: Women's Center              

"Feminism is more visible than ever before. However, that does not mean that our work is done. Intersectionality remains missing which further suppresses women from marginalized communities. Join the Women’s Center live discussion on 04/09/2021 at 12pm as we discuss the importance of intersectional feminism and the prioritization of trans women and women of color in feminist spaces. For questions or accommodations please contact

Social Media: @ucsdwc

Queer Science Society
Monthly meeting on 2nd Monday of the month
7 PM   


Queer Science Society is a queer postdoc-led group that meets monthly on Zoom to discuss surveys, scientific findings, and other published work of interest to queer scholars in STEM. Each meeting, we review a topic of the month and then we split into small groups to chat and get to know each other. Allies welcome.        

Out and Proud Keynote: A Conversation with Kat Blaque
Thursday, April 15, 2021, 5pm pst

Join us for our Out and Proud keynote and moderated conversation with Kat Blaque, an Animator, Illustrator and Youtuber from Southern California who has been openly blogging about her life for the past 10+ years on Youtube. She playfully refers to herself as “intersectionality salad” as she embodies various identities and experiences. As a woman and survivor of rape and sexual assault, she is very passionate about fostering conversations where survivors and victims alike can feel as though they have a voice. As an outspoken feminist, she’s often on the receiving end of online harassment that she’s had to learn to accept as a woman who dares to have an opinion. As a Black woman, she is invested in starting conversations about white supremacy and how it’s impacted her own life as well as various others. As a Trans woman, she believes that speaking about her growth and acceptance of self is vital in a world where trans people aren’t seen as valid and their possibilities are often seen as limited.

APIMEDA Community Time: Origami Flowers
Hosted by APIMEDA Programs and Services
1PM - Meeting ID: 975 9327 4210

Join the APIMEDA community in making origami flowers to end the 1st week of the LGBT RC's "Out and Proud" series and welcome the Spring season. We will be making beautiful origami flowers using designs that fit every skill level. For this event, we ask that participants bring any paper that is plain on one side or square origami paper.  We welcome new and experienced origami folders!          

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Multi-Identity Artist Alley
Hosted by Multi-Identity Art Collective                       
1 PM   

Social Media: @miacucsd
The Multi-Identity Artist Alley, or MIAA, is our event where we welcome artists to come table and sell their craft! Whether it’s digital fanart, commissions, photographs or handmade pottery, please feel free to come on down and sell your stuff, regardless of medium! MIAA will take place from Friday, April 16th 2021 to Sunday, April 18th, with active hours varying per artist. The main active hours are 1pm to 7pm all three days.                    

A Discussion on Race and Sexuality
Hosted by oSTEM @UCSD       

Join us for a conversation on the intersectionality of race and LGBTQ+ identity. This is a space for students, staff, faculty, and community members of color to discuss queer identity. If you do not identify as a person of color, you are welcome to attend, but please be considerate and listen with an open mind.

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LGBTQ+ at UCSD: Then & Now
Hosted by Queer@Scripps
3 PM

At this event, we will discuss a brief history of the LGBTRC, hear from “out” UCSD speakers, and hold conversations with the UCSD LGBTQ+ community at a glance. Topics to be discussed include the importance of having an RC, its evolution, initiatives implemented, hopes for the future, what it means to be out in academia, and how the climate has changed over the years. The last half will be dedicated to showcasing UCSD queer campus orgs and holding breakout rooms for topic-specific discussions with the goal to connect with community.         

Mental Health in the LGBTQIA+ Community Plática Event
Hosted by LGBT RC and Raza Resource Centro                    

Zoom Info:

This event will consist of discussing Mental Health within the LGBTQIA+ community and how folks process Coming Out in the community. We also be discussing how folks process imposter syndrome within higher education and the LGBTQIA + community.

APIMEDA Community Time: Queer APIMEDA's in History
Hosted by APIMEDA Programs and Services
1 PM - Meeting ID: 978 3092 3809

Learn more about Queer APIMEDA history through this presentation and panel section. We will highlight some notable figures and events in Queer APIMEDA history, with a focus on queer folx in UC San Diego history. Open to all who want to learn more about queerness in history. Panelists to be announced on our social media!            

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