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Out and Proud Series

The Out and Proud Series presents the largest opportunity for community visibility on the UC San Diego campus. It is a time for reflection on the achievements of LGBTQIA+ identified students, staff, faculty, and our allies. It is also a time for public awareness and discussion of current LGBTQIA+ issues on the state and national levels.

While historically this celebration has been called Out and Proud Week, experiences of Pride movements and narratives of coming out need critical examination. Not everyone is out nor wants or needs to be. Coming out is not a single action, but a continuous process that often needs to take place multiple times throughout a person’s life. It is also different around sexuality, romantic attraction, gender identities and expressions, and for many coming out and expressions of pride may not be safe. We appreciatively challenge what being Out and Proud means and honor the diversity within our community.


Out and Proud Series 2024 Calendar 


Compulsory Heterosexuality
Hosted by: Women's Center - Gender Buffet
Location: will be held at the Women's Center, no registration required
For updates check out: @ucsdwc on instagram

The Gender Buffet series is an hour long informal discussion on a gender related issue. We will talk about Compulsory Heterosexuality and queer women living in a patriarchal society.


Queer Zine Jam
Hosted by: LGBT Resource Center
2:30 - 4:30 PM
Location: LGBT Resource Center
For updates check out: @ucsd_lgbtrc instagram

Lover of zine-making, or even just beginning? Come to our zine-making party and learn about the importance of zine creation and distribution within our community's history. We will go over how to make a standard zine, and you can hopefully leave with some of your own!


Ceramics workshop
Location: LGBT Resource Center

An engaging and fun event for the members of our community where they can meet new people and create new connections. The workshop will provide all the tools, resources and instruction for the participants to create art that they can take with them.


Out and Proud Keynote and Art workshop featuring Johanna Toruño
Hosted by: LGBT Resource Center
Location: LGBT Resource Center
For updates check out: @ucsd_lgbtrc on instagram

Join us for our Out and Proud Keynote speaker and Art workshop featuring Johanna Toruño. Event will feature and Art Talk and Art Workshop.Johanna is the artist behind The Unapologetic Street Series. Johanna Toruño is a Salvadoran-born artist and Founder of the Unapologetic Street Series, utilizing the streets as a public platform and gallery. Her bold imagery and statements, often adorned in lush florals, celebrate queer, working class, and immigrant communities.  Through her work, Toruño challenges social norms and centers  messages of self-reflection and self-acceptance. Using a soft  aesthetic with colors that remind her of home, Toruño brings storytelling and a chance for her audience to re-learn and decolonize their own self to accessible spaces. Her political and social messages highlight topics of  reimagining norms, and the joy of holding space for collective liberation. Johanna is a TED speaker and Lecturer at Universities like Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, and others. Johanna's work has been featured in The New York Times, Teen Vogue, NPR, Nylon, and more., Johanna lives and works in Los Angeles with her partner and 2 dogs. If she's not wheatpasting she's cooking  


Community Time: Queer Arab American Film Screening
Hosted by: APIMEDA Programs and Services
Location: APIMEDA Programs and Services Office
For updates check out: on instagram

Join us for two short-film screenings highlighting Queer Arab American stories in celebration of Arab American heritage month. The two films are Dearborn Ash (2018) directed by Hena Ashraf and Dress Up (2022) directed by Karina Dandashi.


LGBTQ+ LLC Spring Drag Show
Hosted by: Muir ResLife
Location: Stage Room
For updates check out: @farmhouse.muir, @zeldahouse_23.24,and @muirreslife on instagram

The LGBTQ+ LLC Spring Drag Show is a celebration of queer expression, inviting students around campus to express themselves in ways they're unable to day to day. This year there will be a competition among student performers, with two drag queens and one drag king hosting the event, performing and acting as judges.


Visualizing Trans Futures: Vision Board Workshop for Transgender and Nonbinary Upper-level and Graduate Students
Location: LGBT Resource Center

This event will be a space for trans and nonbinary students in graduate programs (or in their senior year of undergrad) to get together and discuss what we hope, dream, and fear about our future lives as trans and nonbinary people after we graduate from UCSD.

Participants are invited to use the supplied collage materials to build a vision board, reflect on our ideal futures in the "real world" as trans and nonbinary people, and have a discussion about how to best navigate the challenges accordingly.


Covid Conscious Conversation
Hosted by: Covid Conscious @ UC San Diego
Location: LGBT Resource Center

Unsure if COVID-19 is really over? Feeling confused about how to best protect our community from COVID-19? Come have a conversation about it with us!


Indigiqueer & Two-Spirit Coffee Hour
Hosted by: Intertribal Resource Center
RSVP Link:
Location: Art of Espresso (The Mandeville Coffee Cart)
For updates check out: @ucsd_itrc on instagram

Join the UCSD Intertribal Resource Center for an informal conversation space for Native and Indigenous LGBTQIA2S+ students, staff, and faculty at UCSD to come together in community. Coffee, tea, or another beverage of your choosing will be provided from Art of Espresso (The Mandeville Coffee Cart). Please note that this is a closed space for Native and Indigenous LGBTQIA2S+ students, staff, and faculty. RSVP is REQUIRED for beverage purchase.


Lunch and Listen-Out and Proud Edition
Hosted by: Women's Center
Zoom link:
For updates check out: @ucsdwc on instagram

UCSD staff are invited to join our Lunch and Listen series for Out and proud Week. From 12-1pm on Zoom Tuesday April 23rd, we will be listening to Roxane Gay and Debbie Millman talking about Love, Life, and the Pursuit of Creative Space.


Identity Buttons & Closet Swap
Hosted by: Marshall SADAP
Location: Sun God Lawn
For updates check out: @yourtmcfamily on instagram

Participants will take part in making identity buttons with flags and pronouns that people can customize. People can also bring clothes and accessories to swap like a swap meet. Some LGBTQ history will be presented too!


The Invention of Defectiveness: Disposability and Education
Hosted by: Critical Gender Studies, Ethnic Studies, LGBTRC, Transdisciplinary Disability Studies Working Group, UCSD DEI Program
Time: 3:30 pm
Location: Social Sciences Building (SSB) 269

Join white queer disabled writer and activist Eli Clare in an interactive exploration--part story, part history, and part call to action--of the harm created by the notion of defectiveness, particularly in connection to disability and race, the realities of disposability, and how we can resist that harm.


Anonymous HIV testing
Hosted by: LGBT Resource Center
Location: LGBT Resource Center

Stop by for rapid anonymous HIV testing provided by the Family Health Centers of San Diego. Results in 15 minutes.


Queering Borders
Hosted by: LGBT Resource Center
12 PM - 1 PM
Location: LGBT Resource Center, Conference Room

Join us at the LGBTRC to discuss intersections of colonialism and queerness! We will study various examples and experiences of queer peoples under colonialism, and explore these topics through a focus on collective liberation.


T4T Sexual Intimacy
Hosted by: LGBT Resource Center
Location: LGBT Resource Center
For updates check out: @ucsd_lgbtrc on instagram

A forum-style space discussing sexual intimacy in t4t dynamics/partnerships, trans and non-binary sex and sexuality.
This will include topics of reclamatory or transformative naming of body parts, novel and gender affirming intimate products, and emotional affects of t4t intimacy.


Rainbow Reef: Consent, Boundaries, & Beyond.....
Hosted by: CARE at SARC
12:00PM to 1:30PM
Location: LGBT Resource Center
For updates check out: @ucsdcare on instagram

Rainbow Reef is a drop in group facilitated by CARE at SARC that centers LGBTQIA+ communities and the impact of sexual assault, partner violence and stalking. In this Rainbow Reef we will explore boundaries and consent within the intersection of LGBTQIA+ communities.


Out for Undergrad: Career Info Session
Hosted by: LGBT Resource Center and Out for Undergrad
2:00 - 3:30 PM
Location: LGBT Resource Center, Conference Room

Join us for a career info-session on participating in Out for Undergrad - a conference series aimed for LGBTQIA+ folks seeking professional development.


Welcome to the Closet: Exploring QTPOC Liberation
Hosted by: QT*PoC @ UCSD
4:00 - 6:00pm
Location: LGBT Resource Center
For updates check out: @qtpoc.ucsd on instagram

Is coming out the ultimate liberation for queers of color? What does liberation mean for queer and trans people of color? Join us in a discussion about the nuances of liberation and joy for the QTPoC community.


Queer Brunch
Hosted by: Queer International Policy & Strategy (QuIPS) - School of Global Policy and Strategy
5pm to 8pm
Location: GPS Courtyard
For updates check out: @quips_ucsd on instagram

A showcase of different intersecting identities that make up the queer community. We hope to have an evening of learning and celebration regarding being "out".