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2019 UC San Diego Faculty, Academic, and Staff Out List

These out UC San Diego LGBT faculty, academics and staff have committed to being a part of the visible presence of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community. With this Out List, these faculty, academics and staff hope to present a welcoming, open, diverse and public community to all who look for their leadership on campus with undergraduate and graduates students, in research units and laboratories, at the UC San Diego Medical Centers, and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Through their efforts, UC San Diego strives to live the Principles of Community in a complete and inclusive way.

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Faculty, Post Docs and Academics

**Please note that this section has recently been cleared and will be updating during the months of February-May of 2019 for more accuracy. Please check back in periodically during this time period for updates*




Name Position Department
Arun Kumar Assistant Professor Computer Science and Engineering
Daniel Lee Clinical Professor of Medicine/Internal Medicine/ HIV Medicine - Infectious Diseases
Gabriel Wagner Assistant Professor of Medicine Medicine - Infectious Diseases
Jennifer Carr Assistant Professor Philosophy
Lukas Austin-Page Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Michael Todd Professor Structural Engineering
Peter Chira Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics Department of Pediatrics - Rheumatology
Shelley Wright Associate Professor Physics
Steven Beardsley Graduate and Post Doc Student Literature
Teevrat Garg Assistant Professor of Economics School of Global Policy and Strategy


*Please note that this section has recently been cleared and will be updating during the months of February-May of 2019 for more accuracy. Please check back in periodically during this time period for updates


Name Position Department
Andres Elvira Fraternity and Sorority Life Graduate Assistant Center for Student Involvement
Andrew Schauf Anderson Program Assistant Student Veterans Resource Center
Anna Levitt Energy Manager/Mechanical Engineer UC San Diego Healh Facilities Engineering
Baramee Peper Anan Senior Academic Counselor ERC Academic Advising
Christopher Anderson Director of Residence Life Housing, Dining, & Hospitality
David Carlos Business Technology Support Analyst Information Technology Services
David Hutches Enterprise Architect Information Technology Services
Frank Lin Senior Academic Advisor Sixth College
Isabelle Amon Academic Counselor Warren College
Jaime High Labor Relations Advocate Human Resources
James Carranza Student Success Coach Student Success Coaching Program
James DeLucia Outreach Coordinator Outreach Coordinators for International and Out of State Students
Jay Bryant Director of Graduate Admissions Rady School of Management
Jerry Pang Graduate Academic Advisor GPS Student Affairs
Joe Cullen Senior Research Compliance Analyst Compliance Advisory Services
Joe Fejeran Conference Specialist HDH Hospitality and Conference
Kafele Khalfani Dean of Student Affairs Warren College
Karlyle Lim Executive Assistant Operations Administration
Kate Trulock Administrative Specialist/Project Analyst Health Sciences: Surgery/GI Surgical Oncology
Katy Torres Statistician Psychiatry
Ken Keziah Quality Assurance Analyst Registrar
Ken Tomory Administrative Officer 4 Student Retention and Success
Luis Legaspi Study Abroad Advisor Study Abroad
Marie Webber Hospital Administration Director's Office
Matt Sapien Administrative Assistant Summer Session
Michael Gangitano Senior Academic Counselor Thurgood Marshall College
Michelle Hermas Director International Affairs
Ricky Paniagua Compliance Coordinator International Students & Programs Office
Rodney von Jaeger Community Engagement Manager Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute
Shaun Travers Campus Diversity Officer & Director of the LGBT Resource Center LGBT Resource Center
Shawna Hook-Held Engaged Learning Tools Specialist Teaching & Learning Commons
Suzi Harlow Manager, Graduate Student & Instructional Services Division of Biological Sciences