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LGBTRC Peer Education Program

LGBTRC Peer Educators are trained volunteer facilitators that educate the campus community on social justice issues pertaining to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Through the Peer Education Program you will gain:

  • Leadership Experience
  • Facilitation Skills and Training
  • Social Justice Education Training

Applications to be a Peer Educator are now open!

  • 10/18: Application due by 11:59PM

Program Requirements

Must attend:

  • Mandatory Training: Thursday, 10/24 6PM-9PM (3 hrs)
  • Monthly Meetings: Based on everyone’s schedules (1 hr each)
  • Must facilitate 2 Peer Education Programs per quarter (1hr each)

For more information or questions, contact Kayla at

To request a workshop for your student organization/group check out our online form.

Peer Education Program Application

Application form for Peer Education Program at the LGBT Resource Center.