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World AIDS Day 2023  

The University of California, San Diego will honor World AIDS Day 2023 on Friday, December 1.  Our events focus attention on and raise awareness about the impact that HIV/AIDS has had and continues to have in the San Diego community, the nation, and the world.

About World AIDS Day 

World AIDS Day began globally on December 1, 1988, as a means to raise funds, increase awareness, fight prejudice, and promote education related to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. Since then the event has grown and is honored by governments, schools, businesses, and individuals around the world.  At UC San Diego, the goal of World AIDS Day programming is to provide a forum for reflection, education, and action. We hope to engage our community in an ongoing dialogue that encourages each individual to be educated and take action to stop AIDS.

World AIDS Day Resources

World AIDS Day Contacts

World AIDS Day at UC San Diego is coordinated by a university-wide committee of students, staff, and faculty. For more information on information about the past committees or the event, please contact:

Melissa McGuire

Health Educator: Sexual Health