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San Diego Pride 2024

This form will be used to capture registrations for San Diego Pride 2024. The parade will be held Saturday, July 20th. At this time, all transportation spots have been filled.



San Diego Pride FAQ(S)


For more information about SD Pride, visit their website.


  1. Can I bring additional guests to the Parade? YES! You 100% can, in fact we encourage you to. However, we do have shuttles that are provided to registrants only. Shuttle space is limited and we'll be in communication when we reach capacity, please make other arrangements if you do have additional guests attending with you. Additional guests will have to fill the safety and liability waiver.
  2. Will there be accommodations at the Parade? YES! We will have a shuttle with us along the parade route. If you need to ride along with us instead of marching, the shuttle will gradually move with us as we march along the route.
  3. Can I bring dogs to the Parade? YES! However, it will be an extremely hot day on Saturday, July 20th. Take any precautions for the wellbeing and safety of your pet. 
  4. Can my dog be on the shuttle? NO! UCSD Policy prohibits pets on the shuttle, but service animals are allowed.
  5. Do I need to bring anything? YES! Bring a water bottle, sun block, sun glasses, comfortable shoes & your full authentic self.
  6. How long is the parade route? The route is 1.5 miles.


Parking and Transportation

Traffic and parking can be a challenge due to the massive size of the SD LGBT Pride events! This year the LGBTRC will provide a shuttle for those who register. See form above. As the date approaches you'll receive confirmation on the location of our shuttle and the time we will meet. 


To coordinate your own transportation, check out The official San Diego Pride website.