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Rainbow Graduation and Induction into the UC San Diego LGBT Alumni 2018!

What Rainbow Graduation is:

  • Something you would invite your family/close friends/those most important to you
  • An opportunity to honor graduating undergraduate and graduate students, volunteers and academics
  • A formal induction into the ranks of UC San Diego LGBT Alumni
  • Although many people do get dressed up for the event, it tends to be a queer little get together, with all the trappings of our community, so be yourself
  • Something that has GREAT food
  • Something that over 150 folks usually attend, sometimes more
  • Something you'd ask a favorite professor/those who have affected you at UC San Diego to attend
  • The last formal program of the year from the LGBT Resource Center
  • Lots of fun
  • The event where graduating folks get a Rainbow Tassel (Woo Hoo!)

 What Rainbow Graduation is not:

  • An actual graduation (it is a ceremony and celebration, but folks don't get a diploma or anything, just a nifty certificate)
  • A substitute for attending UC San Diego's undergarduate college, graduate school or professional school graduations
  • Something you would want to miss

Rainbow Graduation Registration 2018