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Rainbow Graduation and Induction into the UC San Diego LGBT Alumni 2017!

Saturday, June 10th, 2017 2pm-4pm at the Faculty Club!

What Rainbow Graduation is:

  • Something you would invite your family/close friends/those most important to you
  • An opportunity to honor graduating undergraduate and graduate students, volunteers and academics
  • A formal induction into the ranks of UC San Diego LGBT Alumni
  • Although many people do get dressed up for the event, it tends to be a queer little get together, with all the trappings of our community, so be yourself
  • Something that has GREAT food
  • Something that over 150 folks usually attend, sometimes more
  • Something you'd ask a favorite professor/those who have affected you at UC San Diego to attend
  • The last formal program of the year from the LGBT Resource Center
  • Lots of fun
  • The event where graduating folks get a Rainbow Tassel (Woo Hoo!)

 What Rainbow Graduation is not:

  • An actual graduation (it is a ceremony and celebration, but folks don't get a diploma or anything, just a nifty certificate)
  • A substitute for attending UC San Diego's undergarduate college, graduate school or professional school graduations
  • Something you would want to miss

There is no need for audience members to RSVP. However, if you are graduating...

Rainbow Graduation Participant Registration Form 2017

If you are a UC San Diego undergraduate, UC San Diego graduate student or Preuss School senior graduating from this spring, summer, or fall, please complete the form below to join us for UC San Diego’s Rainbow Graduation and Induction into the LGBT Alumni is on Saturday, June 10th, 2017 at Two o' clock in the afternoon at the Faculty Club!