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Out and Proud Week 

Out and Proud Week takes place week 4 of Spring Quarter each academic year

Out and Proud Week presents the largest opportunity for community visibility on the UC San Diego campus. It is a week-long group celebration and private reflection on the achievements of LGBTQIA+ identified students, staff, and faculty and our allies. It is also a time for public awareness and discussion of current LGBTQIA+ issues on the state and national levels.

While historically this week has been called Out and Proud Week, experiences of Pride movements and narratives of coming out need critical examination. Not everyone is out nor wants or needs to be, coming out is not a single action and is different around sexuality, romantic attraction, gender identities and expressions, and for many coming out and expressions of pride may not be safe. We appreciatively challenge what being Out and Proud means and honor the diversity within our community.

Out and Proud Week Call for Programs

The Out and Proud Week committee is accepting Call for Programs for the 2018 Out and Proud Week calendar. Out and Proud Week will take place April 23-27, 2018.

Looking for inspiration and ideas from programs and events?  Check out our list of Out and Proud Week events from the 2016-2017 school year

Monday, April 24

  • Out for Lunch 12-1:30pm | Library Walk
    Join us under the Rainbow Balloon arch as we kick-off Out and Proud Week. Bring your lunch and connect with community on the lawn. Dessert will be provided!
  • QSUN Intergenerational Dialogue 12pm| LGBTRC
    This is a dialogue across generations (staff, faculty, students, etc) about various aspects of queer life and identity. Lunch will be provided.
  • H-APIMEDA Queer Family Dinner 5 pm| LGBTRC
    We will be having a discussion on being part of the LGBTQIA+ & APIMEDA community and eating dinner together.
  • Queernection Café 7 pm | 
    A small-coffee shop themed event for queer and trans folx to engage and connect with each other. Connections can be platonic, romantic, etc.

Tuesday, April 25

  • Friends Supporting LGBTQIA Survivors 12-1:30pm| LGBTRC

  • LGBT Film Screening 7:30pm | LGBTRC
    This will be a screening night with a show centered on queer topics. The selected show is meant to bring a modern twist to discussions following. Snacks will be provided.

Wednesday, April 26

  • HIV Testing  11am-4pm | LGBTRC
    Stop by the LGBTRC for FREE rapid response Anonymous HIV testing provided by In the Mix and Family Health Centers of San Diego
  • Family Queer-ies: Parenting Conversations 12pm |Green Table Room
    Are you a queer parent or interested in becoming a queer parent? BYO Lunch and Join the LGBT Staff and Faculty Association as we discuss all the joys, struggles, and realities of becoming and being queer parents. 
  • "NYC Ending the Epidemic: From Science to Action", Dr. Demetre Daskalakis 1PM | School of Medicine - Center for Neural Circuits and Behavior
    The UC San Diego AIDS Research Institute and Center for AIDS Research are pleased to present Demetre Daskalakis, MD, MPH in seminar. Dr. Daskalakis will discuss, "NYC Ending the Epidemic: From Science to Action."  Dr. Daskalakis describes himself as "Physician/Advocate and Public Health Warrior for LGBTQ and HIV Treatment and Prevention in NYC.” His official title is is Assistant Commissioner, Bureau of HIV Prevention and Control, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Questions: cfar@ucsd.edu

  • Athletics and UC San Diego LGBT Resource Center 3pm | Dolores Huerta and Philip Vera-Cruz Room
    Join student athletes and leaders from Athletics and students and leaders from the LGBT community for a fun and casual mixer to explore intersections, build connections and relationships
  • Lesser Known Identities 7:30pm | Sixth College Lodge
    This will be a presentation and discussion space for lesser known LGBTQ+ identities. This will also be a space for myth debunking among many other things. Snacks will be provided.

Thursday, April 27

  • Out and Proud Movie on the Lawn: 
    Major! the life and campaigns of Miss Major Griffin-Gracy
    7-9pm | Sun God Lawn 

MAJOR! explores the life and campaigns of Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, a formerly incarcerated Black transgender elder and activist who has been fighting for the rights of trans women of color for over 40 years.

  • Dining Out for Life with the UCSD LGBT Staff and Faculty Association
    6PM | Join the UC San Diego LGBT Staff and Faculty Association as we participate in "Dining Out for Life!"  There will be multiple groups and locations, and you can even go on your own!  Just check out http://www.thecentersd.org/events/dining-out-for-life-restaurants.html, choose a restaurant and then start Dining Out for Life!

  • Troubling the line, poetry reading
    10:00 AM | Library walk / Silent tree
    A call for lgbtq students and allies to participate in a marathon reading of Troubling the Line, an anthology of poetry by trans and genderqueer poets, and other selected texts by queer/trans poets of color.

  • Sixth College Mini Pride
    6pm| Sixth College Dogghouse
    Sixth RA's will be hosting a miniature pride festival of sorts. There will be various activities, snacks, and a potential film screening.

Friday, April 28

  • The Art of Drag: From the Past to Now
    12:30-2 pm | LGBTRC
    Drag Queens?? Drag Kings??! Come learn about drag culture and its background.

  • Mexican Traditional  Paper Mache Dolls Art Therapy workshop with Ramona Garcia
    3-5pm | LGBTRC | rsvp by emailing mpgomez@ucsd.edu

Ramona’s current work seeks to draw attention to traditional paper-mache work especially as it relates to doll making as a form of therapy. Her work with dolls explores the possibilities that paper mache offers as a form of language and storytelling.  She is interested in the ways this art form can be used to tell stories and the intersections between narratives and objects in the context of diaspora and migration. Come to this workshop to learn about the story of traditional paper mache dolls and create your own queer & trans doll for art therapy.

  • Queeraoke night
    8-9pm| LGBTRC
    As a capstone to Out and Proud Week, this will be a relaxing evening of karaoke and community. Snacks will be provided.