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Out and Proud Series

The Out and Proud Series presents the largest opportunity for community visibility on the UC San Diego campus. It is a time for reflection on the achievements of LGBTQIA+ identified students, staff, faculty, and our allies. It is also a time for public awareness and discussion of current LGBTQIA+ issues on the state and national levels.

While historically this celebration has been called Out and Proud Week, experiences of Pride movements and narratives of coming out need critical examination. Not everyone is out nor wants or needs to be. Coming out is not a single action, but a continuous process that often needs to take place multiple times throughout a person’s life. It is also different around sexuality, romantic attraction, gender identities and expressions, and for many coming out and expressions of pride may not be safe. We appreciatively challenge what being Out and Proud means and honor the diversity within our community.

Out and Proud Series Call for Programs

This year our Out and Proud Series will take place April 8-26th. Our theme is #WontBeErased . We invite any programs and events that highlight issues impacting the LGBTQIA+ community.

Please complete the following form after you have a confirmed and finalized the date, time and location for your program.