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UC San Diego Faculty, Academic, and Staff Out List

These out UC San Diego LGBT faculty, academics and staff have committed to being a part of the visible presence of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community. With this Out List, these faculty, academics and staff hope to present a welcoming, open, diverse and public community to all who look for their leadership on campus with undergraduate and graduates students, in research units and laboratories, at the UC San Diego Medical Centers, and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Through their efforts, UC San Diego strives to live the Principles of Community in a complete and inclusive way. 

Do you want to join the UC San Diego faculty, academics and staff Out List? We’d love to add you to this resource. Just e-mail Shaun Travers at the LGBT Resource Center, indicating your name, department/unit, and e-mail (if you would like it included).

This list is organized in alphabetical order by last name and reads across the columns and then down rows. Those with an *asterisk next to their name are openly transgender staff.


Sarah Andrade

Project Manager and Editor
Office of Publications and Creative Services

Sarah Archibald

Psychiatry Department

Rafael D. Acevedo

Director of Student Affairs

Laurie C. Nelson

Assessment Coordinator
Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dion Brown

Housestaff Administrative Program Manager
Graduate Medical Education
CACGIOSOI Committee Member

Aaron Borovoy

Senior Publication Coordinator

Tim Emery

Director of Business Affairs/HR
University Extension

Christopher B. DeSaulniers

Employee Relations Specialist
Human Resources

Brynn Craffey*

John Muir College
Provost’s Office

Mitchelle Greenlee

Assistant Resident Dean
Student Affairs - Thurgood Marshall College

Eric Geiger


Ed Fink

Project Manager
Center for Innovation

Reynaldo S. Guerrero

Resident Dean
Student Affairs - Eleanor Roosevelt Colelge

Brian Gregory

Associate Vice Chancellor - Campus Resource Planning Initiative
Physical and Community Planning

Jae L. Hansen

Programmer Analyst
Information Services

Anthony P. Jakubsin

Assistant Resident Dean
Student Affairs - Sixth College

Suzanne J. (Suzi) Harlow

Graduate Student Affairs Officer

Michelle L. Hermas

Director - International Affairs
Office of International Affairs

John Kussman

Programmer Analyst
Vice Chancellor - Research

Jeffrey Kwong

Staff Research Associate
Reproductive Medicine

Anna Levitt

Assistant Campus Energy Manager
Facilities Management

Helen Mout

Writing Program Representative
Muir College

Mark W. Lwandoske

Material Management

Alanna Aiko Moore

Sociology, Ethnic Studies, and Gender
Geisel Library

Stanley Ostaszewski, Jr.

Executive Assistant
BFS - Controller/Admin

Rob Melton

Lit/Hum Bibliographer
Geisel Library

Denise D. Odom

Student Affairs Officer
Provost - Thurgood Marshall College

Brett Robertson

Assistant Director
Student Life

Scott Primack

Office Coordinator

David A. Rodriguez

Staff Research Associate

Anand Sitaram

Postdoc Employee
Division of Biological Sciences

Ray Rodriguez

Academic Senate

Sonia Rosado

Assistant Resident Dean
Student Affairs - Muir College

Peter Talgiaferri

Administrative Assistance
VC - Academic Affairs

Kelly L. Smith

Associate Librarian
Geisel Library

Adolfo R. Tarango

Head -CJK/Serials/Shared Categories
Geisel Library

Rodney von Jaeger

Comm Engagement Manager
Clinical Transl Research Institute

Cat Thompson

Counseling Psychologist
Counseling and Psychological Services

Kate Trulock

Admin Specialist

John Will

Administrative Assistant
Admissions - Registrar

James H. Vermilion

Senior Researcher
University Development

Fred P. West

Programmer Analyst
Resource Management Plan - Informational Technology


Patrick W. Anderson

Associate Professor, Director
Department of Communication
Department of Ethnic Studies
Critical Center Studies

Jordan Crandall

Professor, Chair
Department of Visual Arts

Anya Gallacio

Department of Visual Arts

Todd A. Henry

Assistant Professor
Department of History

Joe Hankins

Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology

Ari Heinrich

Associate Professor
Department of Literature

Sara Clarke Kaplan

Assistant Professor
Department of Ethnic Studies

Miles Kahler

Professor Emeritus
International Relations/Pacific Studies

Mark W. Jacobson

Assistant Adjunt Professor

Brendon Rhoades

Assistant Professor

Karen Loper

Associate Clinical Professor

James Nieh

Division of Biological Sciences

Michael Todd

Structural Engineering

Daniel Rogalski

Assistant Professor

David Serlin

Associate Professor

Scott R. VandenBerg


Graduate Students